Jodi Sta Maria on Act Like a Man



Ang tunay na macho may takot sa Diyos! :) i recommend this book to all ! Girl boy bata matanda single in a relationship may Asawa may ipin o wala ! I gave away this book to my friends and acquaintances and it changed their perspective on manhood! Guide din natin itong mga girls :) God only wants His best for us! :)

– Jodi Sta. Maria

Act Like a Man is currently available in all House of Praise outlets and selected National Bookstores. You can also order my book thru my website by clicking on this link and we will ship the book for free for Philippines only.

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Giving Away Some Golden and Silver Tickets to ICON 2015

For the past years, I have been a part of the biggest investment conference in Manila. I have personally seen how thousands of lives are transformed when they are equipped with sound financial advise from the most respected finance experts in the country. This year, Randell Tiongson, is once again having ICON 2015.


If you want to learn the basics of investments, get motivated to do something about the money you have then this event is for you.  In just one day, you will gain the knowledge and tools you need to get started in making the right investments and financial choices.

This year ICON 2015 is bringing you no less than the best speakers and advocates in the field of investing. First is the event’s pioneer, columnist, and best-selling author of “Money Manifesto,” Randell Tiongson. Along with him is the respected lecturer, inspirational speaker and author of “Only the Real Matters” Francis Kong. Also, the well-known stock market trader and best-selling author of Stock Smarts Marvin Germo; seasoned RFP and personal finance coach, Efren Cruz; Global Investing advocate, personal speaker and finance coach Jess Uy; and Economist and Ateneo De Manila University Professor Alvin Ang will be coming in once again this year together with the well-known radio host of Chink+, Chinkee Tan.

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Healed from Sexual Molestation

It was a happy Saturday morning because my aunt told me that we were going to the mall, and that she wanted to buy a new polo for me. We went at around 1pm because I had to be at our Youth Prayer Meeting at 4pm.

As a 13 year old, hip new clothes were always exciting because they’ll make you look cool. At that time, I was excited to go and see the world, I wanted to have a girlfriend, I wanted to be popular, and I wanted to be macho.

As we were shopping, I jokingly told my aunt that I would get the most expensive polo, and she immediately gave me a look that overpowered me. My aunt is just 9 years older than me, she’s more of a big sister than an aunt. I was so happy because on that Saturday, she wasn’t teasing me, she was going to buy a gift for me. I eventually chose one and went to the dressing room.

I tried on the black short-sleeved polo that I picked. It really looked handsome on me. After a few minutes of admiring myself, I turned around to notice the curtain slowly opening and one of the attendants in the store coming in to my dressing room.

I couldn’t understand what was happening especially because he was wearing a big smile on his face. I was paralyzed by fear. I knew that there was something wrong but I couldn’t move myself. His right hand stretched out to me. He put his hand on my face and then he unbottoned my black polo. I wanted to defend myself but I was powerless. He kissed me and then did what I guess he had planned to do.

The molestation took about 5-10 minutes, and as I walked out of the dressing room I couldn’t help but fee worthless, I couldn’t even tell my aunt about what happened. My knees were trembling because of fear and shock.

I never spoke about that incident to anyone.

After that day, I began seeing myself as a dirty and weak person. I was dirty because I was molested. I thought I was weak because I was already 13 years old and an athlete, but I didn’t have the guts and power to fight back.

Because of my belief that I was dirty, I did dirty things. I sinned sexually, I had vices, I hurt other people, and I pushed away anyone trying to love and care for me. I thought that I had no hope of becoming a really good person because I was irrevocably dirty.

For so many years, God tried to tell me that I was loved and accepted but for some twisted reason I didn’t listen to him. My mistake was that I chose to listen to my wound instead of listening to God’s sweet and true voice.

Sinning deliberately was the habit I formed for many years, but that eventually became a very tiring lifestyle. I was tired of being tired. I didn’t want to be numb anymore, I tried looking for the meaning of what God was whispering in my heart.

I started by making a decision. The most powerful decision I had to do was I had to accept my life as it is.

Today, I am happy, healed and loved. I’m thankful that my family accepts me, my girlfriend accepts me, my friends accept me and my Feast Greenhills family accepts me.

Life is not what happens to you. Life is what you do to what happens to you.

Please allow me to share my healing process from that abuse. If you can relate with me, I hope that this process will bless you too.


  1. Accept Reality

I couldn’t escape what happened to me, so I had to accept the reality of not being at fault for the molestation done to me.

I started by accepting God’s message that he truly loves me and that I’m an amazing person and that my value never changed.

Today, I walk this world beside my beautiful self, and my ugly self. My past can no longer be changed, but I have decided to embrace a great life through God’s Grace.

  1. Accept Responsibility

I couldn’t blame my molester forever about the wrong things that I’ve done after the abuse I encountered. They were my poor choices.

I had to ask for forgiveness for the things I did after that molestation.

I forgave him.

Lastly, I had to forgive myself.

  1. Accept Rescue


Being vulnerable and accepting everything that happened allowed God to do his thing.

He started reminding me how he thoroughly loves the child he created.


He brought the right people in my life and they acted as the physical manifestation of his unconditional love in my life.

Brother, I only experienced molestation once, but it gravely affected my life. My message is this, you too can be freed from your past.

God loves you. God accepts you.

Love yourself.

Don’t Burn Those Bridges


A guest blog by Little Joey

Earlier today, I was blessed to be able to board again on Magic 89.9 where I really spent most of my radio career in. 8 years from 2000 – 2008. And even though I ‘retired’ back in ’08 and worked for 99.5 PlayFM (although it IS a sister station), and recently moved on in my career with another totally different company, my relationship with my old ‘workmates’ is still strong. There’s a bond there that’s hard to explain. So when my bros CJ the DJ and the main man of Magic Mr James Bang asked me to board for Friday Madness due to the lack of DJs who are on official business in Boracay and other places, I jumped on the opportunity!

So for you guys who are thinking of quitting or moving on from your present job, here are some tips on how to not burn bridges:

1. Don’t make hasty decisions that you may regret later on.

Whether it be you think you’re underpaid, overloaded with work or maybe just a boss you don’t like. Whatever the situation, don’t decide to leave without first thinking things through. Sleep on it. Ask advice from people that have more experience than you or people you would consider mentors. Many people make decisions based on pure emotion and more often than not, find themselves either wanting to go back or in a job that’s just as bad or even worse!

2. Keep the respect.

If you do decide to leave, make sure you do it properly and not just all of a sudden not show up to work one day. Most companies require that you tender your resignation 30 days prior to when you plan to leave. This allows the company to make the proper adjustments like finding a replacement and proper turnover of documents/files/contacts. Also, just coz you’re on your way out the door, that does NOT give you the excuse to disrespect that co-worker or boss that’s been on your nerves the past 6 months or even slack off on your daily tasks. Work excellently (this can be an entire post in the future).

3. Seek God.

What does God have to do with my work, you ask? EVERYTHING. He has blessed us with the ability to produce wealth by working. He has the BEST plan for each and every one of us (but it’s up to us whether to follow or not). He even knows us more than we know ourselves. I can’t emphasize this part enough. I admit that I’ve burned bridges in the past and I’m far from perfect. But one of the best things about having a personal relationship with God is that He can not only mend bridges, He can actually make new ones!

So there. Keep these things in mind and keep those bridges open.

Galatians 5:13-15 ESV

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.

My Thoughts on the #MAYPAC fight

10672198_10204456034347007_4189985877858916028_nAfter more than a decade of not being able to watch a Pacquiao fight because of my pastoral duties in the past – I had a rare opportunity to watch the PPV of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight today which was billed as the fight of the century.

After 12 rounds of running – I mean boxing, it was a disappointed to see a fight where no fight really happened.

There were a lot of sentiments – from boxing legends, fighters and fans how boring the fight was. When a fighter decides that the way to win is to run – you might end up with the belt but not the respect of people.

So here is the ultimate lesson for me

You can play it safe but it will not be remembered. 

Years from now – this will not be even talked about. Okay I’m trying to be nice – weeks from now, no one will even be discussing this fight. I tried to recall some highlights from the fight – but there are actually no highlights. In fact, there was not even a time I gave someone a high five during the fight because it was such a great fight!

Same in life – those who play safe in life will not make any difference in the world. I was reading the life of the disciples. They might have died in the process- but the reason the gospel spread because somebody decided not to play it safe and live dangerous lives.

Sly Stallone has this to say to Manny:

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.44.56 pm


Oscar De La Hoya commented on what safety does:

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.47.59 pm


What is sad is that Mayweather may boast about his winning record but the fight is not something he or we will talk about now or in the future.

Men – fight! Fight in life. Take risks! Don’t play it safe. Never live in your comfort zone. Learn to take steps of faith and trust God. You are called to be more. You are a man of God, a disciple-maker, a world changer!


Lessons Learned from Nikki

I was privileged to be part of the 13th Commencement Exercise of the School of Campus Ministry at our Every Nation Building two weeks ago. Our church Victory Greenhills sent one of our campus missionary, Nikki Sandi to school to equip her how to minister effectively with the students.

During the awarding that night, Nikki Sandi got three of the top coveted awards of their class: best preacher, best strategic paper and the excellence award. I think what she accomplished that night was a first in our school’s history. I was surprised that Nikki achieved such an incredible feat in class.

I’ve been working with Nikki the past year and here are some of the things I saw in her and the lessons I’ve learned in leadership that might help us achieve success in what we do.

1. Humility.

God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Nikki was an unassuming, low key member of our team. She does her work without any fanfare. She just gets the job done. Some leaders tend to be flashy and show off their skills but some just do the work quietly and contribute and the whole team is surprised to see the added value she gives to us collectively.

2. Hunger

When Nikki won the best strategic paper, her fellow campus missionaries were not surprised because during the process of doing her paper – she would go and consult different people on how to go about it, their feedback on her strategy and how it can be further improved.

In life – you have to stay hungry. You have to keep on learning. You have to push yourself. You cannot settle and not improve on your leadership and craft. You have to get down on your knees and pray for God to bring you to a level of growth and maturity every year by giving you the grace to work hard and stretch your faith.

3. Content

A lot of people are good at marketing themselves. They can have the most convincing advertisement of themselves or the most convincing website on how good they are in their craft. Most of the people who focus on marketing and not content face a big predicament – nobody wants to get their service after the first experience with them.

At the end of the day people are looking for content. The people you lead are11013464_10153124172375358_712592529737913753_n asking – what can this leader offer that would help maximize my potential. Leaders should work on making sure they are worth following not because of their position but because they have content.

To have content is to know where you are leading your team, how you are going to lead them and how you are going to navigate through the changes that is required of any organization.

Let me end with this reminder though. All of us are going to be tested in the field and our leadership will go through some fire and testing. Nikki, I am excited for your future and also to those leaders who are raring to change the world. Once class is done – the battle begins. Praying for your success!





When you have nothing, everything is possible! I heard somebody said before that we need to focus on where are moving to , not from where we are moving from! We sometimes get stuck on our present situation that we lose hope of what the future holds.

We have seen great men come from nothing and become something not because they were better but because they never lose hope.


Hope is a life saver. When a lot of people quit, hope tells us to persevere.

When we are getting tired from working so hard and seeing no promotion – hope tells us that our day will come!

I remember when we planted the church in Greenhills and we were so scared that nobody will show up in our services. We rented a 600 hall and by faith offered two Sunday services. That means we needed at least 300 people to show up for the two time slots we were offering.

Guess what… we had 300 people showing up all in all! We couldn’t even fill the hall we rented but thank God for hope. We were just a bunch of former campus missionaries who were called to plant a church in a very influential city and we would do whatever it takes to make it happen. I could remember Bojo, who stood by me all this years and is now our Kids church pastor and Sheryn who did her college OJT in our church who sacrificed a lot to take the church to the next level of growth.

What kept some young crazy bunch to persevere. HOPE. Hope that one day what we would do would impact our city.

Now after 7 years, we have seen close to 300 leaders doing small groups in our city. 800 volunteers who help us every month to run the church and pastor the city.

Never lose hope whatever field you are in. If you know God called you for that specific thing, believe that God will deliver. Just always be open to change and never lose hope!


Are you Ready for your Finest Moment?

“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.

– Winston Churchhill

5750827d819b7f00acb7307bb8e164adYou don’t know when it will come but what you need to do is prepare yourself for that moment of greatness!

Men, it is learning how to work hard, hustle, having a hungry spirit to take whatever you have now and take it to the next level. Many people fail to plan, thus they plan to fail.

Moments where greatness is ushered is rare. It is sad to see so many men pass that opportunity to do something bigger than themselves because they did not prepare.

Whether it is courting a girl but finding out she was looking for someone more prepared and matured…

or a business idea that have the probability of success but we are not prepared to grab it because we have no prior preparation….

or a chance to help an organization financially but we were not financially prepared to do so….

We can all have great intentions of living a great life but intent would only get as so far. There is a preparation needed on the road to greatness.

How is your preparation plan?