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From Boys to Men

Got this article from AlbertMohler.com The “Sunday Styles” section of The New York Times is often a useful barometer of the culture. On October 17, that section featured a front-page spread entitled, “From Boys to Men,” and the article is a sign of something larger than mere fashion and advertising. Reporter Guy Trebay explains that […]

Letter to a Frustrated Single Young Man

Dear Frustrated Single Young Man, Hi. Welcome to this particular webpage. I have some thoughts for you that I’m going to work out. I have seen your plight, and I want to be of help to you. I want to play the role of big brother to little brother in this little piece (or good […]

101 Hawker House

Time again for some food review. We went to 101 Hawker House last night to taste test this new restaurant near Makati Medical Center. We were with our food buddies: Larry, yet, Rich, Steph, Thammie, Tin, Raymond and Charles. 101 Hawker house is Singaporean street food inspired. Here are some of the delicious, affordable foods […]

The RH Bill (updated)

After reading and re-reading the RH Bill, I started searching through Scriptures on what God has to say about the RH Bill. First and foremost, there are no words like contraceptives, family planning or birth control mentioned in the Bible but there are biblical principles we can glean on to help us reach a decision/ […]

The Meaning of Masculinity

I read John Piper’s book “What’s the Difference” where he defined masculinity as: “AT THE HEART OF MATURE MASCULINITY IS A SENSE OF BENEVOLENT RESPONSIBILITY TO LEAD, PROVIDE FOR AND PROTECT WOMEN IN WAYS APPROPRIATE TO A MAN’S DIFFERING RELATIONSHIPS.” Reading this definItion brings a lot of clarity what masculinity really is as defined by […]

When Men Keeps Silent

Every man is wired to teach. Since the beginning of time, God intructs us men to teach and impart what God commands and requires. When God said do not eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God instructed the man which means he expects man to inform the woman […]


Going out on date nights gets harder each time as we are faced with hundreds of choices of where to eat and hang out with your spouse. So Thammie and I devised an evil plan – do a food review of the different restaurants that we have tried out. 2 weeks ago we were given […]

Reverse Engineering your Life

Had a talk with some single men tonight on reverse engineering your life. Reverse engineering simply means planning forward and live it backwards. Stephen Covey coined it as beginning with the end in mind. I challenge the men to be prepared in 3 areas: 1. Spiritual Preparation 2. Leadership Preparation 3. Financial Preparation. And I […]