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When Men Keeps Silent

Every man is wired to teach. Since the beginning of time, God intructs us men to teach and impart what God commands and requires. When God said do not eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God instructed the man which means he expects man to inform the woman […]


Going out on date nights gets harder each time as we are faced with hundreds of choices of where to eat and hang out with your spouse. So Thammie and I devised an evil plan – do a food review of the different restaurants that we have tried out. 2 weeks ago we were given […]

Reverse Engineering your Life

Had a talk with some single men tonight on reverse engineering your life. Reverse engineering simply means planning forward and live it backwards. Stephen Covey coined it as beginning with the end in mind. I challenge the men to be prepared in 3 areas: 1. Spiritual Preparation 2. Leadership Preparation 3. Financial Preparation. And I […]

Wrong Aquarium

I received a question about finding the right partner in life a couple of days ago. The guy was sharing how he ends up frustrated because the kind of girl he wants are not the kind of girls he is dating. He said if I could help him process it through. I think there is […]

Man of the Month: Noynoy Aquino

It is a rare sight to see a powerful man own up to the mistakes he had made especially if it is of gigantic proportion. When everyone were pointing fingers and nobody wants to take responsibility for the fiasco that happened – President Noynoy took the lead and took responsibility. A real man takes responsibility […]