It’s Time We Bring the Manhood Back!

“So be strong, act like a man!” – 1 Kings 2:2

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Dennis Sy

Dennis Sy is the senior pastor of Victory Greenhills and the author of three best-selling books: Rich for Life, Act Like a Man and Great Sex Book. He is taking up his Master’s Degree Program on Leadership at Wheaton College, Illinois.

He is married to Thammie Sy, a certified child labor coach, and has four kids of his own.

He also blogs regularly at

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Jodi Sta. Maria

Jodi Sta. Maria

Award-Winning Actress

Real men fear God. I recommend Act Like a Man to all! Girl, boy, bata, matanda, single in a relationship, may asawa, may ipon o wala. I gave away this book to my friends and it changes their perspective about manhood. Guide din nating ito mga girls!

Chinkee Tan

Chinkee Tan

Life Coach and Best-Selling Author

From singlehood to dating and courtship, to marriage and even to raising your children, this book is packed with godly principles and advice on how to become a real man!

Marvin Germo

Marvin Germo

Financial Coach and Best-Selling Author

The world needs men who will stand for what is right, men who will not bow out and choose what is easy and comfortable. Act like a Man is a great wake up call for men to take their place and know who they truly are!

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If you’re looking to learn things about manhood through digital means, then our coaching vlogs should definitely deliver! With the content delivered by Dennis Sy, himself, a healthy dose of enlightenment and reality is a sure guarantee for all the men out there!

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